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Boulder (Palestine, 2013)


new for wesite

Untitled  (Land of the Hashemite kingdom, 2015)


The Third Space011

Amphitheatre  (Land of Palestinian Syria, 2013)


shaar copy

Untitled  (Land of Zion, 2013)


untitled tzukim area

Untitled  (Land of Israel, 2015)



Memorial  (Land of Israel, 2013)


Final for web 2020 #7807

Trees #2 / The others  (Negev desert, 2013)



Border  (Israel / Palestine, 2012)


Parking final for web 2020

Parking, Diptych  (Azimuth towards Gaza strip \ Kibutz Nirim, 2013)


ball (Tzofar agriculture area ,2015

Ball  (Land of the Zion, 2015)


final for web

Field  (Land of the United kingdom, 2013)



Road  (Land of the Hebrew men,  2014)



(2012- Ongoing)

In some parts of the world, windblown dust and silt blanket the land. This layer of fine, mineral-rich land l is called loess. The word “loess” comes from the German word for “loose.“

Loess” (2012-Ongoing) is a series of large scale color photographs, made by a medium format camera . I have decided to explore the areas I grew up in – the Negev and Arava deserts which are divided between Israel, Palestine and Jordan. I present a very concrete mapping of historic borders, crossing and picturing landscapes, architecture and objects that were left on the ground. Through personal, historical and psychological optics, I depicted these spaces as social, economical and political dimensions in the Middle East are continuously in motion. The works create a link between photography and concepts such as memory, belief, control, ideology, identity, and perception.