Upcoming exhibitions, press releases, and awards :

2022 Group exhibition, MOTION: Movement and Dance in Contemporary Israeli Art, Curator Nirit Dahan, The Negev Museum of Art, May 2022,  Beer Sheva, Israel.

2022 Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (BKV) ,Treårig Stipend 2022 . 3 year working grant from Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (BKV)

2022  Solo exhibition, Gallery IN THE CLOSET, Curator Vsevolod Kovaleskij, Oslo, Norway.

2022  Hanna Ryggen Triennalen, Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst, Trondheim, Norway.

2022  Safari, solo exhibition, Babel Visningsrom for kunst- Trondheim,  Norway. and

2021 Atlier Babel , Trondheim ,Norway  residency and solo exhibition 

2021 “Off the wall”, group exhibition , Kosk, Oslo

2021 Trondheim kommunes kulturstipend

2021  Vårutstillingen 40, Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway,

2020  Diversestipend fra Norsk Fotografisk Fond (NOFOFO), Høst 2020.  Miscellaneous scholarship from Norwegian Photographic Fund.

2020  Solo exhibition , “X+1″ ,Galleri Blunk , Trondheim.

2020 An interview with Martin Palmer for ARTSCENETRONDHEIM

2019 Hostutstillingen 2019, Jonas Ekeberg 7/9/2019,  or

2019 The State Autumn Exhibition, Oslo artist house, Norway .  The State Art Exhibition,

2019 Solo Exhibition, “Like Lambs to the Slaughter”, woldkunstformidling, Trondheim, Norway.

2019  Solo exhibition , “It Will End in Tragedy (She said)” , Kunsthall Femten, Trondheim and Berlin.

2019  ://

2019  This Friday I will be showing for the first time a piece from my new project “Safari”r in Babel visningsrom for kunstl. The work will be part of a group exhibition called Flower Power with a fabulous group of artists from Lademoenkunstnerver.
Would love to see you there.

2019 Arbeids­stipend for yngre / ny­etablerte kunstnarar Kulturadet. Working grant for younger / newly established artists from the Norwegian Art Council (Kulturrådet ) Work scholarship for younger / newly established artists

2018, Trøndelagsutstillingen 42, Trondeim center for contemporary art, Semptember 2018. October 2018 NTNU 2018/9 artist of the year award 

June 1st – June 10th , Solo exhibition, Ashmedai, Babel Visningsrom for kunst- Trondheim, Norway.  Babel visningsrom for kunst – Trondheim

2017  7th – June   Kunstkritikk          

Mar 25, 2016 – Mar 27, 2016 Fata Morgana – Marianne Demmo og Yanir Shani · CYAN studio · Oslo

10 August 2015 Art Habens Contemporary Art// 5th Edition 2015  //

28 July 2015 DongGang International Photo Festival

13 July 2015 The Exposure Award

November 2014 Fresh paint 7, Tel Aviv Israel.