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untitled landscape #33









BABEL visningsrom for kunst – Solo exhibition

June 2018, Trondheim, Norway

An installation composed out of large scale C type prints and a 2:46 min video going in loop. The photos were made by a medium format camera and the images were created between 2016 to 2018. My pictures are exploring the borders of the Middle Eastern geopolitical landscapes (Israel, Jordan and Palestine) and the boundaries of the photographic imagery. Through personal, psychological historical and other optics, I describe these spaces in the same way as social, economic and political dimensions in the Middle East are continuously in motion.

I was manipulating traditional methods of production in photography during the printing process in the darkroom to create images that deal with distraction, disappearance and obscure landscapes. My methodology which based on thoughts, beliefs, and intuition represents a process of letting go of memories of reality I wish to erase or transform.  The works are redefining the landscape motif in art, and shedding a new light on the idea of image creation.

The 2:45 min video depicts the methodology I am utilising in the darkroom.( I have decided to abstract the visual syntax in the video as much as possible in order to highlight the basic conditions which allow photography to happen- conditions of light and time. In that context the work acts as a fragment of the process and exposes what is behind the image and is not seen, while still holding narrational qualities. It points out, and then distorts with the cultural engagement of photography with the world, as a tool of representation and mass production. Thereby the devious nature of photography as a tool of observation, depiction and concealment is appearing. This installation embody a connection between photography, memory, trauma, perception and belief.