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An installation composed of large-scale C-type prints and a 2:46 min video going in a loop. The photos were made by a medium format camera and the images were created between 2016 to 2018.

Alongside my photographic work, I developed a new performative aspect of my practice. I manipulate traditional methods of production in photography during the printing process in the darkroom, to create images that deal with distraction, disappearance, and obscure landscapes. The making of the prints is a large part of the process, one that verges on the performative. In this situation, I find myself with my thoughts and feelings and let myself behave freely. Within acts of releasing force, dancing, laughing, screaming, singing, and praying, I become very much aware of my physicality, body, and movement in the darkroom.

When I try to establish the motivation for my own actions, I feel that the darkroom is a therapeutic space where I can be myself and by myself. This methodology which is based on thoughts, beliefs, and intuition represents a process of letting go of either memories or anxieties I wish to transform. Inevitably, the resulting image is blurred – moving the image away from its former figurative state. This experimental technique allows singularity over the remaking of a specific image, over and over again. Each work is a unique and singular creation – like a memory that is in a state of constant transformation